A) Resumption PROtocol

1: Payment of 70% Fee. (70% of Current Session Fee PLUS Balance B/F)
2: Students are expected to undertake either ECG or X-ray tests at least 2 weeks before      resumption. This will be submitted upon resumption.
3: Do course Registration
4: Print Hall Clearance( Click on Resumption Icon, Clearance, Print Hall Clearance)
5: Resumption Day is MONDAY, October 2nd, 2023 from 8:00 am. Any student who     is unable to resume on the said date for a genuine reason should write to the         DSA before resumption. Parents who arrive early will be directed to the           designated car parks and will not be attended to till 8am. Kindly take note and be patient.
6: Proceed to University Chapel for Medical Clearance.
                                             CONTRABAND ITEMS
                          List of Prohibited Items in the Halls of Residence
1. Prescription drugs such as Rophenol, Tramadol, Drugs withcodeine
    and other controlled substances
2. Hard drugs such as Marijuana, Cocaine, Heroin, Crystal Meth
   “Colorado”, “Kolos”, “Skunk”, etc.
3. Cigarettes, including e-cigarette, vaping accessories,
   Shisha etc
4. Alcoholic drinks
5. Lethal weapons/injection, Dangerous Objects
6. Knives and other sharp objects
7. Guns and/or bullets
8. Fireworks and Explosives of any kind
9. Kerosene lamp, gas cooker, candles, matches, lighter
10. Cooking utensils such as hot plates, rice/indomie cookers,
     toasters,microwaves, electric boiling ring, saucepans, blenders
11. Refrigerators, Grillers and Microwave ovens
12. Any items meant for sale or business activities.
13. Raw food items such as Rice, Beans, Cooking Oil, Spaghetti,
   Tomato Paste, Cooking Spices etc.
14. Jeans, Jeans-like materials, chinos, and corduroy
15. Diabolic materials such as charms, talisman etc.
16. TV sets
17. Ungodly musical files either on CDs, PC’s, Mobile devices
18. Video machines, tapes, DVD & VCD players
19. TV card, antennas, and Decoders
20. Phones, SIM-cards, Mifi and/or other phone accessories.
21. Computer games (Play station, X-boxes, Joysticks, gamepads etc.)
22. Dumb Bells
23. Sex Toys, Condoms, contraceptives and Pregnancy Testing Kits
24. Washing Machines
25. 15amps/2 pin plug kettles
26. Glass Bottled Packaging as found used for Perfumes, Groundnuts,
     Bread spreads, Deodorants, etc. Non Glass is Recommended.
27. Metal Hangers and any other metallic object.
28. Other contraband items that may be specified or published from
  time to time.