Shopping for Resumption


Covenant University attaches great importance to modest and good dressing. Dressing adds value to a person’s personality, self-confidence and self-worth. This saying is very instructive: “The way you dress is the way you will be addressed.” Dress code is one of the unique aspects of Covenant University’s culture that students must imbibe to make their academic pursuits pleasurable. Click here for the approved dress code.

Other Items

Below is a list of the minimum required items that a student may need during his/her stay in the Halls of Residence. This suggested list is highly recommended to ensure that the students enjoy a comfortable and stress-free stay in the Halls of Residence. Please keep in mind that storage space for each student is limited. Students must endeavour to bring only items of necessity to avoid congestion in the room.

# Item Qty
1 Pillow 1
2 Pillow Cases 2
3 Blanket 1
4 Bed Sheet 4’x7’ 2
5 Mosquito Net 1
6 Set of Plastic Cutlery 1
7 Plastic Buckets 2
8 Padlock 1
9 Torch Light & Batteries 1
10 Hangers 1 dozen 12
11 School Bag 1
12 Raincoat or Umbrella 1
13 Toiletries Varied
14 Reading Lamp w/ 40Wbulb or fluorescent tube 1
15 Laptop PC, *Handheld Devices 1
16 Feeding/up keep allowance  
17 Writing Materials,  
18 Hand dryers, straightener, clipper 1
19 Broom and Parker  

*Hand Held Devices include Ipads, Ipods, and other tablets (not sim-enabled)