All Returning Students



All Returning Students are to note that payment is now on The new portal(

When you login to at the home page up click on   ( Click to login to the new portal)

DAY 1: September 20,2019.

Step 1: Ensure you have paid 70% of your fees. If NO Click Here.

(i.e. 70% of 2019/2020 School fee plus Balance B/f plus 350(Transaction Charge)

Step 2: Print Out your clearance(Click on resumption on the home page)

Step 3: Proceed to your Hall of Residence.

Step 4: Medical Report:

1: The medical Report to be brought is a medical status/fitness certification from student’s personal or family Doctors.

2: The report should state the students medical conditions.

3: it should be done in truth and honesty as any ailment presented will not be used for any punitive reasons but to guide the university in catering adequately for the students while on campus:


False claims include:

1: Students existing medical conditions before resumption as well as any form of medications such student may require not appropriately disclosed in the report.

2: Non existing medical conditions declared in the report.

False claims are deceitful and will attract appropriate sanctions.

DAY 2: September 21, 2019.

Submission of Medical Report to Medical center- (Medical Screening Begins)

Lectures Begin.

Make Up Examination Begins