Requirements for Residency

Requirements For Residency

Below is a list of the minimum required items that a student may need during his/her stay in the Halls of residence. This suggested list is highly recommended to ensure that the students enjoy a comfortable and stress-free stay in the Halls of Residence. Please keep in mind that storage space for each student is limited. Students must endeavour to bring only items of necessity to avoid congestion in the room.

# Item Qty
1 Pillow 1
2 Pillow Cases 2
3 Blanket 1
4 Bed Sheet 4’x7’ 2
5 Mosquito Net 1
6 Set of Plastic Cutlery 1
7 Plastic Buckets 2
8 Padlock 1
9 Torch Light & Batteries 1
10 Hangers 1 dozen 12
11 School Bag 1
12 Raincoat or Umbrella 1
13 Toiletries Varied
14 Reading Lamp w/ 40Wbulb or fluorescent tube 1
15 Laptop PC, *Handheld Devices 1
16 Feeding/up keep allowance  
17 Writing Materials,  
18 Hand dryers, straightener, clipper 1
19 Broom and Parker  

*Hand Held Devices include Macbook, Ipads, Ipods, Tablets (not sim-enabled)

List Of Prohibited Items In The Halls Of Residence

Hard drugs such as Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin and other illicit
Alcohol and Alcoholic drinks
Lethal weapons / injection
*Bottles, knives, fork 
Guns or bullets
Knock out of any kind
Kerosene lamp, gas cooker, candles, matches, lighter
Washing Machine
Cooking utensils such as hot plates, rice cookers, toasters, micro waves, electric boiling ring, saucepans, blenders etc.
Refrigerators, grillers
Any items meant for sale or business activities.
Raw food items
Jeans or Jean-like material, chinos, corduroy, and diabolic materials
TV sets
Ungodly musical tapes & CDs
Video machines, tapes, DVD & VCD players
TV card, antennas
Phones, SIM cards, sim-enabled devices and other phone accessories
Computer game (play station)
Weight or shot put
Condom and contraceptives
Other contraband  items that may be specified or published from time to time

*Perfume bottles, jam and mayonnaise may be allowed but should be properly disposed after use.

Residency Agreement

The University agrees to provide you with the room allocated to you on the terms and conditions outlined in Chapter 6 residency policy in the University’s Student Handbook.

In addition to, and notwithstanding anything contrary contained in, the Policy on Residency, you agree that the following provisions shall apply to your residency in the University’s Hall of Residence:

Damage to the University Facilities:  In the event of any damage done to the University’s facility within the Room, Floor, Wing and Hall you are allocated, the University reserves the right to surcharge you fully, severally or jointly for such damages resulting from your collective or individual carelessness, negligence or willful misconduct.

Loss of Personal Property/University Facilities:  In the event of any loss of University Facility within the Room, Floor, Wing and Hall you are allocated, the University reserves the right to surcharge you fully, severally or jointly for such loss resulting from your collective or individual carelessness, negligence or willful theft.

Keeping of Valuables:  Large sums of money in excess of Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N2,500.00) are to be deposited in the Bank.  All students are, therefore, expected to use the various bank facilities around the premises for any form of financial transaction above the sum of Two Thousand Five Hundred Naira (N2,500.00).  All other valuables such as Laptops, I-pad, I-pods shall be registered with the Residency Directors.  In the event of loss of any such items not registered or kept as required, the University shall not be responsible for indemnifying such students.

Permit to be in Residence:    The permit to be in the Hall of Residence is non-transferable:

  • You are not to harbour another student of the University or any visitor in the Hall, nor sublet all or any part of the residence allocated to you.  Your right to occupy a Room/Floor/Wing/Hall is non-transferable or sellable.
  • You are not to transfer from one room or Hall to another without due authorization from the Dean, Student Affairs.
  • Note, however, that you can be transferred from one Room, Floor, Wing or Hall to another, and/or change your bed at any time within the Session after due authorization from the Dean, Student Affairs.
  • In the event of being transferred to a room different from that originally allocated to you, the terms and conditions of this agreement shall remain in full effect without necessitating the execution of a new agreement.

Responsibility Clause:  It is mandatory as a responsible student of the University to:

  • Report any event of damage to property occasioned by regular use by students at any time.

Report cases of malicious damage of University property

  1. I shall pay to the University, severally or jointly, the cost of any repair or replacement to any property so damaged to my knowledge and for which I did not report.
  2. I agree to face maximum disciplinary penalty for any such complicity.
  • Watch over property directly in my care or within my surrounding and ensure the responsible use of such property.

Termination of Residency by the University:  The University may terminate this agreement and your right to residency in the Halls in the event of any material or persistent disregard by you to any of the rules and regulations set forth in the Policy on Residency.

Modification to Policy on Residency: The University reserves the right to revise and amend the rules and Regulations set forth in the Student Handbook at anytime during the Academic Session for which this agreement is executed.

Cell Phone Outlaw Undertaking

I being a student of Covenant University affirm my allegiance to abide by all the rules and regulations guiding the institution, including the non-possession of Cell-Phones within the Campus.

The University Authority had ruled that all types of Mobile Phones or land lines and or any other gadgets or devices that are capable of making and receiving calls, should not be found operated by students on Campus within and outside the Halls of residence. And had also helped my understanding as to the good reasons why such phones are outlawed.