List of Prohibited Items


List Of Prohibited Items

s/n Items
1. Hard drugs such as Indian hemp, cocaine, heroin and other illicit drugs
2. Cigarettes
3. Alcohol and Alcoholic drinks
4. Lethal weapons / injection
5. *Bottles, knives, fork
6. Guns or bullets
7. Knock out of any kind
8. Kerosene lamp, gas cooker, candles, matches, lighter
9. Washing Machine
10. Cooking utensils such as hot plates, rice cookers, toasters, micro waves, electric boiling ring, saucepans, blenders etc.
11 Refrigerators, grillers
12. Any items meant for sale or business activities.
13. Raw food items
14. Jeans or Jean-like material, chinos, corduroy, and diabolic materials
15. TV sets
16. Ungodly musical tapes & CDs
17. Video machines, tapes, DVD & VCD players
18. TV card, antennas
19. Phones, SIM cards, sim-enabled devices and other phone accessories
20. Computer game (play station)
21. Weight or shot put
22. Condom and contraceptives
23. Other contraband items that may be specified or published from time to time

*Perfume bottles, Jam and Mayonnaise may be allowed but should be properly disposed after use.